Chalk marks for targeting

Nothing is harder than making choices. Or: to reconcile yourself with choices that are imposed upon you. Just ask seasoned reps who suddenly have to strictly follow a ‘to visit' list. That's why you can't lump them all together. But you give guidelines to those who can't do without them. And let the others roam freely within the boundaries you delineate - with Reflexy.

Local Negotiating Committee meeting requires teamwork

Local Negotiating Committee groups cross the sectors of reps. These must therefore work together if they are to support a LNC meeting. Because the LNC invites, but the pharmaceutical company organises. That's when they show their true colours: because which doctor sits on which LNC group? And how do the reps involved communicate?
Reflexy maps out what details are available in the databases, and in what form. So it may well be that two are used together, in order to get the right information to the right rep. For the follow-up visits as well.

Samples: a mere pretext?

There is no clear correlation between a rep's sales figures and the number of samples he distributes. So why is he so lavish with them? To feel good himself: the doctor has given him time - he gives the doctor a sample. Or not to have to ask him point blank whether he will change his prescribing behaviour.
To alter that deep-rooted habit, change management is necessary. A change of mentality, based on facts: graphs that link sample use to sales. And intensive training to boost self-confidence. So that the rep can use the budget for samples which will only end up in the samples box, for extra meetings, by way of example. Now is the time to take the bull by the horns together with Reflexy, who can boast of decades of intensive coaching to pharmaceutical reps.

Calling on doctors changes to doctors calling for you
The days when a rep went freely to meet a doctor are definitely a bygone era. Systems are popping up all over the place with which he ‘books' his visit. This is usually done online. But how do the reps do that efficiently? And how is that planning fed back into their CRM system? Reflexy assists them in word and deed.