Mailings: deified or despised

Mailings can be extremely effective, if they deliver the right message to the right target group. And are interactive. Yet, too often they fizzle out. Because sending out of the mailing was indeed well planned, but the handling of the reply cards was forgotten. Or reporting to the reps: “Which doctor reacted? What is expected from the rep as a follow-up?” That’s why reps often see a mailing as a threat. Because the process is not ‘customer centric‘ – proactivity is lacking from the outset. And Reflexy knows tried and trusted means to combat that!

Product launching is endangered

Marketing launches a new product, for which the reps also have to visit people who are not doctors. But who are they? Often psychologists, as Medical and Sales have confirmed. But then they come up against the BT wall: “There is no way to enter psychologists into our system.” The deadline for the launch is approaching and tempers start to fray. The marketing manager sees his perfectly orchestrated campaign collapsing like a house of cards. Fortunately, there is an elegant solution – and Reflexy knows what it is.

Samples swallow up your budget

There is often no correlation between individual sales figures and the number of distributed samples. That’s why you are aggravated to death by the huge chunk it takes out of your A&P budget. Who can convince the reps that that money can better be used by Sales, marketing, or by both of them together?
Reflexy, of course. Who dishes up facts en figures to the reps. Sketches out the change management needed to rid themselves of this deeply rooted habit. And also carries out the programme through intensive training and guidance to the reps.