Odd bods, those marketers!

Marketers and IT professionals speak a different language. And that’s fortunate, because otherwise, neither of the two departments would run. The problems only pop up when the ‘customer centric’ focus of the marketer clashes with the ‘system centric’ focus of the BT person. Because then they often talk - in good faith - at cross-purposes. So that Marketing (or Sales) reproaches BT for having chosen a system which doesn’t live up to expectations. But then, what were those expectations, BT asks itself in despair?!

Reflexy resolves that language battle, because, with their dual background, they speak both languages. And because they are neither IT techies nor marketing boys. They are actually interpreters who reconcile the expectations and the solutions of both parties. Resulting in: a correct and clear specification for the best support.

Help, these guys aren’t doctors!

The BT department is facing an enormous problem. From now on, the reps will also be visiting psychologists! But … these guys aren’t doctors. So there is no way they will fit into ‘the system’, that identifies the customers based on their RIZIV-number. Great tensions between BT and Sales/Marketing are the result. Which Reflexy avoids, if you ask for advice immediately.

The same problem arises more and more often, as ‘lobbying’ is no longer a dirty word. Hospital managers, decision makers in health insurance, journalists, politicians, MPs, … you sometimes can’t even send them a letter, because you only have ‘Doctor’ in your database field for the salutation!

Internal Service Level Agreements for Help Desk Support

Help desk employees have an elephant skin. Do they solve the problem quickly? Then there’s no cloud on the horizon. But what if the solution takes a while, because it has far-reaching effects on the system? In that case, the pressure from the internal customer mounts quickly.
The solution? Internal service level agreements (SLA) for various business processes. Reflexy helps prepare and analyse the monthly results. And communicates the SLAs to the relevant users in terms they understand and that fit in with your business.