Business processes are vulnerable. One hitch in the cable, and the system seizes up. As your conductor, Reflexy harmonises all relevant departments and systems.

Common goal, different scores

Your employees, departments - and the systems they use - have a common goal: to keep your company rolling. The management determines the score based on its strategy and business culture. But the actual implementation is in the hands of the performer. Who doesn’t do it alone but in concert with all his colleagues.

Reflexy is listening

Because it is this harmony that your conductor ensures: Reflexy. Who approaches your project by first listening. What false notes and false starts are discovered in your business? Where does the music falter, or is your orchestra not in harmony? Then Reflexy looks for why that is so. Aren’t instruments properly tuned? Are the wind instruments overwhelming the strings? Are the tympani breaking rhythm? Are you performing in a new concert hall – or in other words: is the market changing?

Reflexy harmonises it all

At the end of the day, your conductor makes adjustments. Targeted yet tactfully he turns your customer administration into a streaming entity with business effectiveness:
  • The strings ‘sell‘ the symphony.
  • The woodwinds – your marketers – give the push.
  • The percussion – Legal – sets the tempo, at which the symphony must be played.
  • On the piano, the composer creates his melody line, just like Medical delineates the chalk marks.
  • Finance takes care of the (pre)sales and purchases.
  • BT/IT support with customised scores and instruments.
  • Human Resources, finally, is the manager of the concert hall.

Hire the conductor for your project

Stay in the driving seat of your business effectiveness programme yourself, but still be sure that your employees implement it seamlessly? Talk first with Reflexy.