Panda Premier de Cordée

Panda Premier de Cordée (Panda the Leading Climber): that was the scouts’ totem name for Marnix Kint – the founder of Reflexy. And as your consultant, he continues to honour that name.

Black and white. But not grey

A panda is not uniformly white. But neither is it uniformly black. And certainly not grey. A panda is only a panda when he blends black and white harmoniously.

The problems that present themselves in a pharmaceutical company, are often because of ‘black’ processes and ‘white’ goals which are incompatible. Or that appear to be so.

Examples? Databases that refuse to communicate with each other. Or departments that can’t talk to each other because they each speak their own jargon.

Well now, panda Marnix Kint reconciles black with white. Not with a grey compromise that vanishes into the atmosphere. But by building bridges between black and white. As an interpreter who reconciles the databases with each other, or as man-of-two-worlds reconciling the expectations of one department with the support from the other.

The final result?

A contrast-rich solution which is visible. And thus which realises the objective.

Carefully points the way

Are mountain climbers attached by a safety rope? Then the ‘Premier de Cordée’ at the head chooses the path. He does not do that randomly or at his own pace. His responsibility for those who follow is too great for that:
  • All who climb along must be able - and willing - to follow the path of the trailblazer.
  • Each climber must in turn encourage his ‘backers’ to follow in his footsteps.
  • If the ‘Premier de Cordée’ slips up, the whole row crashes down.
That is exactly why having Marnix Kint as your consultant is such a good idea. He guides you vigorously to your final goal, but at the same time ensures that all your employees can follow in your footsteps.

Reflexy and its Panda Premier de Cordée

Marnix Kint is for you what he has always been. Someone who understands your objectives, explores all facets of the environment, reconciles black and white, and clearly but cautiously maps out the path for you. Whether in business effectiveness or in customer database management or e-authentication. 

Discover Marnix’s multi-faceted cv (pdf).