What's in a name?

Reflexy is a deceptively simple name.
Because it reflects all the facets of what we do - and you do.
  • Reflection is more than conceiving of a solution for a problem.
It is pondering, analysing – daring to call both the problem and the solution into question. But above all: daring to go beyond it. Stepping outside the conventional framework that is limiting your possibilities. To discover answers and opportunities that are sometimes surprisingly ... simple.
  • Reflection is the image in the mirror which Reflexy holds up to you. Which makes your business processes suddenly appear different. And the weak link immediately noticeable.
  • Flexi-bility, because the pharmaceutical market is changing faster than ever. And so in need of advisers that are equally agile.
  • Reflexes, with which you instantly respond to opportunities.
  • XY problems, into which Reflexy inserts the unknown parameters.
  • Lex: dura lex, sed lex. Law: the law is hard but it is the law. Even though legal compliance is often a millstone, there’s no way round it. In the interests of your customer, the patient and yourself.
  • Re is the second note. Because you continue to play first violin. Reflexy stays in the background, from which you slide it forward as soon as you consider it appropriate.