Customer database management and GDPR compliance

Database management is a ‘sterile’ craft. Which only comes to life when the data are about people. Such as ‘your’ physicians, pharmacists, nurses, chemists, hospital purchasing departments or wholesale buyers, physiotherapists and dentists.

But are you really integrating all their available data in your CRM package? Even any of their responses to a mailing or their online requests for samples? And do the correct data automatically reach all the reps and departments involved?

Are you one hundred percent sure that in doing this, you are respecting the privacy laws? Is your GDPR Compliance project all ready started? Or whether your database is ready for e-authentication?

Whatever the database management problem may be, Reflexy solves it. For thirty years, Marnix Kint has been driving databases to their limits. So that the pharmaceutical company can get everything possible out of them. So use his expertise to optimise your database management, in close consultation with your BT/IT department. For let there be no doubt about it: it is they who keep your database under their own control.
  • Customer database audit
  • Customer database GDPR Compliance
  • Customer database update
  • Customer database upgrade
  • Database matching
  • Multiple address management
  • Organisation management
  • CRM integration
  • Business indirect marketing integration
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