Ad hoc

Sometimes a business process just simply stops. Or a database refuses service. Then Reflexy turns up in force to put out the fire, so the damage remains minimal. That is, provided you do not wait too long with your emergency call

Business processes are highly flammable

Even a well-oiled business process can suddenly come to a standstill. Often because all along, databases have not been properly communicating with each other. Or because the employees with the knowledge in their fingertips have not shared it. Or they never wrote it down as procedures …

Fortunately, there is Reflexy. Who have been playing for thirty years with the most diverse databases and is hot on discovering where the business process is breaking down. So don’t ever wait till the situation gets out of hand – because often the solution may be immediately to hand. Call Reflexy.

Pharmaceutical markets are in movement

The pharmaceutical market is more than ever on the move. That is a threat if you’re not ready for it. But offers unprecedented opportunities to those few others. Have you stumbled on a chance to tap into a new target group? Are you considering a revolutionary online service? But lack the (e)system or business process needed for it? Call on Reflexy for help.

Be prepared

Or go one step further, because proactive is always better than reactive. And ask Reflexy for an audit of your databases and their mutual alignment. That way, you seal the leaks, so that the fire department doesn’t first need to bail out the water before they are able to fix them! Ask what an audit costs.