To prevent problems

It takes much less energy to avoid a problem than to solve it. You know that, we know that. And yet we often don’t behave in accordance with that knowledge. Because of pressure of time, or because, yet again, a new opportunity presents itself that we cannot let pass.

From integration of exceptions …

Databases are unfortunately often designed inflexibly. So you have to carry out patchwork to solve a problem. With an ‘add-on’ or ‘plug-in’ which then in turn causes problems with other databases or systems ... That shows you that it’s time to leave the paradigm “Integration of exceptions” behind you.

… to integration of flexibility

Reflexy resolutely chooses for the paradigm ‘Integration of flexibility’. By thinking from the start far outside the current conceptual framework. Letting imagination roam freely and considering everything that could happen in the future. So as to then be able to formulate the specifications to allow the new system to be so flexible that it can handle any change - whether opportunity or problem. It goes without saying, in close consultation with your BT/IT department, which takes care of the implementation.

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